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Stylist Courses for Hair Stylists

As a hair stylist, your own job would include trimming, shampooing, conditioning and styling for your customers. You’d be required to do chemical treatments to achieve the desire outcome. You would recommend the hair style many suitable to your client based on their lifestyle as well as preferences. To top it off, you can add on the perfect shade of colors to highlight the carefully designed cuts, and showcase the movement of your customers hair.

In addition to being a hair designer to your customers, you will additionally be their consultant on all matters associated to hair. When your customers have any kind of questions on their scalp or perhaps hair, they’ll turn to you for advice. Once you’ve developed rapport with your own customers, or perhaps have achieved a strong customer base, your own inputs become very important as your clients start to seek the expertise on styling.

Professional Hairstylist Course would normally include the following:

Shampooing, Rinsing & Conditioning

  • Understand shampoo chemistry
  • Learn and work shampoo procedures & techniques
  • Discover and work massage therapy treatments like stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Perform cleaning and rinsing
  • Analyze scalp and hair and suggest treatments for scalp or perhaps hair problems
  • Work treatments of the scalp as well as hair
  • Suggest products for salon service / home maintenance package

Hair Coloring

  • Understand color theory
  • Discover techniques and trends for coloring clients of both genders and different age groups
  • Learn the differences of temporary, permanent, semi-permanent and highlights and when to use them
  • Know the chemistry of hair color
  • Understand the effects of coloring chemicals on scalp as well as hair
  • Learn lightening techniques (bleaching)
  • Discover unique techniques to create special effects and unique looks

Hair Cutting

  • Know the importance of texture, hair density, customer profile as well as life-style in the selection and recommendation of a hair style
  • Know scalp analysis as well as hair growth
  • Discover cutting techniques, and when to apply them
  • Create creative hair designs making use of a variety of texturizing techniques and styling tools

Chemical Texturizing

  • Understand the theory of chemical texturizing
  • Perform hair analysis for a chemical texture service
  • Understand permanent waving and chemical relaxing techniques
  • Learn as well as perform perming as well as straightening hair textures
  • Design curls to create a broad variety of designs

Hair Styling

  • Understand hair design and styling
  • Discover techniques involving wet/blow dry/thermal/curls/waves/long hair styling
  • Know just how to and when to employ the utilization of artificial hair
  • Incorporates all of above skillsets into designing a style suited for the client

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